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  • Mr Kipling’s Gluten Free RangeCreative Agency: BrandOpusProject Type: Produced, Commercial WorkClient: Mr KiplingLocation: United KingdomPackaging Contents: CakesFont in use: Stick-A-Round

  • Rockinstead font is d-e-f-i-n-i-t-e-l-y one of our favorites :)“Ein Stift und ein Traum können dich überall hinbringen!”Find out some more cool journals by Lemon Books here.Font in action: rockinstead. A wild script font based on Ralph Steadman amazing work. Unbelievable 8 – eight! – variations per letter! Wow!

  • The DOOG Super Sticks!
    Via The Dieline:

    Designed by: DOOG – Dog Owners Outdoor GearCountry: Australia
    Available from from mid November, 2014

    Font in action: Populaire

  • Water bottle label and posters from Brioche bakery, in Sweden. I’ve heard that they make the best bread and pastries in Stockholm. I absolutely do not doubt!
    Design by Mathias Forslund
    Font in action: Brush Up

  • “Lingua Simplex – A fun way to learn a new language! Designed for both adults and children, Lingua Simplex developed a package that personified each country and their stereotypes. Amelung Design GmbH designed and created these funny and playful illustrations.”

    Font in use: Changing

  • A stunning packaging design by Brigade. Happy to see our font in there!
    Designed by BRIGADECreative Director: Kirsten Modestow Designer: Joe Marden 

    Font in action: Rather Loud

  • Graphics from the successful campaign to raise funds for building a new Changing Hands bookstore. There are t-shirts, posters, greeting cards, tote bags and more.
    Font in action: Brush Up

  • Summer is just around the corner down here and the new yogurt “Danoninho Ice” from Danone uses our Populaire font. Refreshing!
    Font in action: Populaire