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  • Mr Kipling’s Gluten Free RangeCreative Agency: BrandOpusProject Type: Produced, Commercial WorkClient: Mr KiplingLocation: United KingdomPackaging Contents: CakesFont in use: Stick-A-Round

  • From Russia, with… coffee :)Via“MR. CUP is committed to being a great place for people who loves coffee. With simple treats this newly coffee and tea corner offers high quality products to take away.”Designer: Maria AksyutaProject Type: Produced, Commercial WorkClient: Mr. Cup. Coffee and teaLocation: Moscow, RussiaPackaging Contents: Coffee and tea Font in action: Brush Up

  • Water bottle label and posters from Brioche bakery, in Sweden. I’ve heard that they make the best bread and pastries in Stockholm. I absolutely do not doubt!
    Design by Mathias Forslund
    Font in action: Brush Up

  • New packaging to reflect the product transformation towards health-conscious moms. I like it a lot :)
    Designed by Robot FoodCountry: United Kingdom
    Font in action: Changing.(A quite dynamic font packed with interlocks and alternates, give it a try!)

  • A brilliant and so well-done little portfolio by Pat Schlaich. Our font Populaire is there, among many cool stuff. Love it!
    Font in action: Populaire